🩸Factors Affecting Blood Sugar Levels🩸

Other than diet, several factors can impact our blood sugar:

1. **🩸Physical Activity**: Regular exercise improves insulin sensitivity and can lower blood sugar levels, while inactivity can have the opposite effect.

2. **🩸Stress**: High stress levels can cause the release of hormones like cortisol, which can raise blood sugar levels.

3. **🩸Sleep**: Poor sleep or irregular sleep patterns can affect hormone levels and insulin sensitivity, impacting blood sugar control.

4. **🩸Medications**: Certain medications, such as steroids and some diuretics, can raise blood sugar levels.

5. **🩸Illness**: Being sick or having an infection can cause blood sugar levels to rise as the body releases stress hormones to combat the illness.

Marva Riley

RN, Author, Holistic Health Advocate

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