Your Mental Health is just as important as your Physical Health & Wellness.

Now that you’re eating better. Eating more veggies, more fruits, more nuts, more plant-based foods. Now that you’re eating less processed food, less meat and dairy, drinking more water. It is time to put some focus on your Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Now that you’ve committed to incorporate regular exercise in your Health plan. It is time to focus on your Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Anxiety, depression, excess worry, excess stress, fear & discontent can lead to negative effects on our overall health.

Here are a few health issues that can result from Mental dis-ease:
Headaches, insomnia & inability to sleep well. Dizziness, fatigue, lack of energy.. Difficulty breathing & chronic cough. Numbness & tingling. Chronic pain. Racing heart, rapid heart rate, hypertension. Inability to concentrate, focus and remember. Gastric reflux, Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and chest burning. Bladder issues and so much more.

So, now that you’ve decided that you desire to be in your best health. To get healthy and stay healthy. It is imperative that you find ways to relax. To enjoy life. Find ways to have fun and to decrease your stress levels.

This is for sure: You Will spend time addressing your health.
That time spent addressing your health will either be preventative/proactive OR you Will spend a lot of time trying to regain that health that you lost.

As the saying goes: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

If at first, you do not succeed, try, try and try again…You’ll get it..

Do this for you…
You deserve to be Wholistically Well!

Marva Riley, Registered Nurse, Author, Health Advocate, Educator