One of the havocs that menopause wreaked on me some years ago, was to rob me of my beauty sleep.

Those of you who suffer from sleep challenges, insomnia, and chronic sleep deprivation can fully understand the toll that insufficient sleep can have on your overall life.
🔹️Foggy brain
🔹️Jittery & shakiness
🔹️Weight gain
🔹️Unable to concentrate & focus
🔹️Heart palpitations
🔹️High blood pressure
🔹️Fear & loss of hope
🔹️ Constipation
These are but a few of the many symptoms that one can experience due to insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality.
Fast forward 8 years and I must say that God has been kind to me in this regard.
Sleep comes easily and soundly, resulting in a feeling of restfulness the next day.
Here are a few Simple but Effective Strategies that I have practiced over the years:
▪️Set a specific bedtime & stick to it. Eventually, your body will learn its bedtime and will automatically start to shut itself down close to your bedtime ▪️Finish drinking all liquids 2 hours prior to bedtime.
▪️Eat your heaviest meal for lunch. Dinner should be light. Avoid night eating. If you must snack at night, choose a few nuts like almond or pecan, or walnuts.
▪️Turn off all devices including the TV at least one hour prior to bedtime ▪️Dim the lights in your home at night to set the tone for sleep
▪️Your bedroom is for sleep and sex. Not TV watching
▪️Try gratitude Journaling, gratitude prayer & meditation as a routine before bedtime
▪️Make your bedroom pitch black

Try your very best to prioritize sleep. You’ll be glad you did.

Marva Riley, Registered Nurse