It is well known that exercise is vital for good Heath. Many associate exercises with paying for a gym membership which many cannot afford and so many pay and never use.  We associate exercise with hardcore workouts, boot camps, jogging, running, and other intense working out.  All of these can be good.  We all have our level of tolerance for various types of exercise. I believe the key is to find our own individual sweet spots. Find a kind of exercise that best works for us, that we enjoy, that makes us feel good and we look forward to doing it.

This for me is Walking.  I enjoy walking and could walk for miles without getting tired, bored, or feel like quitting.  Walking invigorates me and makes me feel alive, energetic, and strong.  A couple of years ago I relocated to an area where there was only a YMCA gym available.  The membership cost was such that I could not afford it.  That forced me to give up gym workout and embrace the exercise that I most enjoy, walking.

There are several types of effective, free exercise types that you can incorporate to fit your individual situations.  That will fit into your budget and time constraints.  Here are a few for you to choose from:

Swimming. Cycling, Brisk walk (my favorite), running to name a few. Pick one or however many you want and stick with it.  The key is consistency.  It is well documented that 30 minutes walk/exercise per day for 4 days per week has many health benefits including weight loss, blood sugar regulation, lowers blood pressure, better sleep, decreased stress and anxiety to name a few.

Hypocrites, who is called the father of western medicine stated ” Walking is man’s best medicine.”

What is Your favorite type of Exercise? How often do you do it? Do you enjoy it?  Would love to hear from you.