I recall seeing the adults stand in the warmth of the early morning sun while living in the country parts of Jamaica where I grew up. They would gather by a tree as they reasoned about whatever the topic of the day was, politics, religion, family, the crops.

Now that I better understand the importance of the Sun, I realize that they too knew of its importance, although they might not have known the scientific implications.  Quite often, my grandmother would say:  Eat it because it’s good for you.  Walk because it’s good for you.  Play because it’s good for you.  They knew, in their natural brilliance that some things were just plain good for everyone.

Let’s look at what research has shown are the benefits of the Sun:

•Increase serotonin the hormone associated with boosting our mood and helping us to feel calm, relaxed, and focused.

*Melatonin hormone which is responsible for good night sleep.

•Helps our skin to produce Vitamin D which helps our immune health, strong bones & teeth.

There are ongoing researches about the health benefits of the sun.  One physician with whom I worked, and who has been involved in an extensive study about the connection between Vitamin D deficiency and disease conditions, has stated that most, if not all diseases and disorders are related to Vitamin D deficiency. It is standard practice nowadays for doctors and hospitals to order Vitamin D level testing and to prescribe Vitamin D3 supplement for those that are deficient.

No living thing, no living being can live without the sun.