According to UCSF expert, Robert Lustig, MD, ” Sugar Is a Poison”.

Table sugar, sucrose, and High-fructose corn syrup are in many processed foods and some labels do not disclose this ingredient.

Heart diseases, cancer, dementia & Alzheimers disease claim hundreds of thousands of lives in the US and around the world every year.  Overweight and obesity are blamed for many of these premature deaths and chronic illnesses which costs billions of dollars in healthcare costs every year.

Sugar is present in soft drinks and store-bought juices which so many people consume on a daily basis.  We start by feeding our babies juices filled with sugar and other preservatives.  They get hooked on these juices, processed baby foods, cereals, pizza, and cookies at a tender age and become addicts.  This addiction leads to obese and overweight children with diseases that were once connected to old people.  Obese and overweight children tend to become obese and overweight adults with chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney, and liver diseases, cancer, depression, joint pain, arthritis,  to name a few.

Health starts before birth.  Healthy parents usually produce healthy children.  Breast milk is best for your baby.  Never give your children juices unless you make it from scratch yourself.  Eating fruit is better for them.  You should not be drinking juices yourself unless you blend the fruits yourself.  Besides, it’s better to eat the fruit as opposed to drinking it, as less sugar is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.  Drink water or fresh fruit infused water.  Add the fruit to your water, do not buy fruit infused water as they are also infused with a sweetener or some other preservative.

Clearly, it is almost impossible to completely stay away from table sugar or high-fructose sugar as they are in almost every packaged food, but we can minimize our consumption of all processed foods, choosing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and feeding our children the same, starting at an early age.  Discard all juices from the refrigerator, offer the family water instead of juices.  Offer fruits, vegetables, and nuts to the family instead of cookies & cake. How about oatmeal with fruits for breakfast as opposed to sugary Cereals.

Even the most seemingly benign cereal has tons of sugar.  Read the label.

Eat fresh as opposed to processed. Eat to live!