We all carry our own baggage on this life journey.  For some, the load, the weight is heavier than the others.

We often hear of folks who were physically, emotionally, and verbally abused as children and later on as adults. Some were abandoned by one or both parents at a tender age, to be raised by the foster system or family members, some of whom are incapable of caring for themselves, let alone a bruised child.

As we grow older, we try to find purpose and our identity in things, in other people like our mates, our jobs, money, houses, our children. The more we have, the more empty we feel. Round and round we go, seeking, seeking and seeking. What are we seeking? That we do not know.

Some years ago, I was deeply depressed and felt purposeless. At that time I lacked nothing. With two beautiful children, a husband that was present, a career that paid well and I enjoyed. The American dream of a house with a backyard pool. Life was good, but I was unhappy. That which we seek cannot be found without. Turning to the Bible, I learned to pray, meditate and be still. It was in the stillness of the moments that I connected with the spirit within and found peace therein. It was in those quiet moments that the Spirit revealed to me that the Kingdom of Heaven is within me.  That this Kingdom of Heaven is: Peace, Joy, Contentment, Happiness, a settled Spirit.

This awakening led to the end of my search for that which I already am.  That which I already have.  Now I give thanks!

The Purpose we seek is within us. Look within!

I have written so much more about my journey to an awakended life in my book EAT SLEEP MEDITATE. A NURSE’S GUIDE TO HEALTH by Marva Riley, RN.    Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, my website https://rnmarvariley.com/Books/

Marva Riley, RN