It is that time of the year when some of us start thinking about our Goals, Dreams, and Desires for the upcoming year.

When our children were young, we would discuss our accomplishments for the year that is coming to a close, but we would also talk about our dreams and goals for the year ahead.  In fact, for many years we met at IHOP for breakfast once per year for these discussions and planning.  We encouraged the children to write these goals on paper each year.  This paper would be pulled out next year to see what God had granted us from this wish list.  Often times, we did receive some of our requests, however, we did not always get what we desired.

Our goals would include:  Graduating from Middle or High school with great grades.  Applying to the colleges they wanted to attended and being accepted.  Scholarship awards, paying off the credit card bills, buying a house, starting and maintaining an exercise or health regimen, going on a vacation.  These are just a few of our goals and desires.  Many of these goals and dreams required work, diligence, commitment, challenges.  They were definitely not a Santa Claus lists.

My children are both adults now and have children of their own.  The practice continues.  Starting about the end of October to November, we ask each other “what are your desires, goals, dreams, and aspirations for the new year”?  We discuss them on the phone, write them in our Device Notepads, and hope for the best.  Surely, life has taught us that they do not all materialize and many keep coming back on that list each year.

The term VISUALIZATION is quite popular nowadays.  I suppose that is exactly what we’ve been doing all along. All in all, I must say that most of my desires and dreams have been realized, although not necessarily the way I expected them to. One or two are still pending.

How about you.  Do you have such a practice?  Has it served you well?  Would love to hear your take on this.

It is never too early to set that intention.  To plant that seed. To Visualize, and dream, and hope.  I hope that one thing on that list will be for you to attain and maintain the excellent health you so deserve.

Marva Riley, RN.