Fun, relaxation, and enjoying life lead to feelings of happiness, which triggers the release of the happy hormone endorphin.

This can offer the following positive health benefits:

Lower stress levels, better sleep, pain relief, improved brain function, better mood. This can also lead to feeling young, energetic, and vibrant.  Fun benefits our overall health, including improved cardiovascular function. Fun, when combined with a healthy diet, moderate exercise, adequate rest. Sufficient water intake, sunlight, and good sleep can be quite beneficial to the Wholistic Health & Wellbeing we all so desire.

Be sure to make time for fun, doing the things that you enjoy.  Find hobbies. Connect with friends and family as often as you can. Adopt a pet. Learn something new. Take dance classes.

Never underestimate the many health benefits of fun. Make time for it.  Make fun a priority.

Marva Riley, Registered Nurse, Author,  Health Advocate.