Too often I see many so focused on weight loss, they become discouraged when the pounds don’t fall off as quickly as they’d like.
This is one piece of advice that I always offer:
Weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.
Most times, that excess weight we carry around took years to pile one. It’s Not going to just fall off in weeks, or months. It might take several months. Even one year or more to get to your target weight.
If you consistently lose that weight, you Will keep it off.This is what I know for sure if you’re eating properly. Incorporating lots of vegetables and fruits. Lots of water to stay well hydrated. If you’ve cut out the night eating. You, Will lose weight and you will keep that weight off, even without much exercise.
For many years, I tried one “diet” or the other. Lost weight quickly drinking shakes. As quickly as I lost the pounds is as quickly as I regained them soon after resuming “normal ” eating.
Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Living is an Art to be learned and practiced.
I would be delighted if you would allow me to share with you how I was able to lose the weight & keep it off for good.
By losing weight, I reversed many weight-related sicknesses, such as joint and muscle pains, back pains, knee pains, low energy.
If you can get a handle on your nutrition,  of your eating habits. You Can shed that weight in a healthy fashion, keep it off and reverse those health issues like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, joint pains, breathing problems, bowel issues, sleep apnea and so much more.
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Marva Riley, Registered Nurse, and Author. Health Advocate