Salad with Fresh Mint Leaves


● Raw Kale chopped tiny
●1 stalk Bokchoy chopped tiny
● 1 ripe Haas avocado cut small
● 4 fresh mint leaves minced
● 1 handful of fresh beetroot leaves & stems washed and cut up tiny
● 1 stalk scallion minced
● 1 clove fresh garlic minced
● 1 stalk celery cut tiny
● 4 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar ● 4 tablespoons Pecan or Olive oil
● 1 handful dried unsweetened Cranberries

Mix everything together
(Optional) may add your favorite nuts. May add your favorite beans or peas like chickpeas or lentil. May add minced or grated ginger root which helps with any bloating or gas related to eating raw vegetables. Ginger also adds a nice zest to any meal, whether cooked or raw dishes.

Marva Riley, RN,  Author