I am proud to say that I will celebrate my 59th Birthday in a few days.  One word that appropriately describes my feeling is GRATITUDE!

Not too long ago, I was a frail, unhealthy, unhappy & discontent middle-aged woman.  Today, I gladly announce that all of that has been turned around 100%.

I now celebrate my best life. My healthiest self.  My happiest and most satisfied self.

I am the healthiest I’ve been and feel the most energetic.

Getting older does not mean that we need to become frail and unhealthy, with our calendar filled with doctor appointments, because we suffer from one ailment or the other.  Getting older doesn’t mean that we must pop pills to sleep at night and pills to soothe the achy joints and bones every day.  Getting older doesn’t mean that we must live with anxiety and stress.

Getting older should mean feeling your best and looking your best as you age.  Enjoying all that life has to offer. Living each day as if it is our last.  Making the most of everything & every day.

Please allow me to share with you how I am able to live my best life, my healthiest life, NOW.  Pick up a copy of my Holistic Health & Wellness Book:  EAT SLEEP MEDITATE A NURSE’S GUIDE TO HEALTH by Marva Riley, RN.  Let the transformation begin.

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Marva Riley, RN.  Author