Every single day I get a phone call informing me of the death, near-death, or serious illness of someone I know, or the family or friend of someone I know. Perhaps it’s because I am getting older and these things are accepted as the norm. Many of these persons however are not really old. They are between the ages of 40 to 65 years old. Many of them had been suffering from chronic health conditions for years and have succumbed to its beatings.

I really empathize with these brothers and sisters as I too have experienced near-death, chronic & acute life-threatening illnesses. Now, I take nothing for granted.
Each day is a Gift. A gift that I am careful to cherish and enjoy.

You see, no matter how much money we have. No matter how successful our businesses and careers are. No matter how big & beautiful our houses are. No matter how posh and expensive that car is… it will not bring us happiness nor joy.

So, make the decision Today, that You Will live your best life today!
No one promised you tomorrow…and if they did, they lied to you.
Today is all you have. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. In fact, the next minute nor hour is guaranteed. Live as if it’s your last moment.

🌹Treat your body with the care it deserves
💪Include some exercises daily
🙏 Make time for a little prayer & Meditation
🥛 Do you drink enough water?
💤 Make sleep a priority
☀️ Sunlight does wonders for our body & emotion
💃 When was the last time you danced?

You too CAN live your best life now…if you decide that this is a priority.

I AM living My best life NOW!

😀 I am happy & content
😀 I am healthy & whole
😀 I have enough money to do what I enjoy
😀 My romantic relationship is at its best
😀 I am one with God & Spirit
😀 I wake up every day looking forward to all that the Universe has in store for me.
How about you?
How about you?

I would be delighted to show you How I’m able to live My Best Life Now…
I would be delighted to show You how YOU CAN also live Your Best life NOW.

It’s all written in my Easy to read, Easy to Understand, easy to apply book: “EAT SLEEP MEDITATE A NURSE’S GUIDE TO HEALTH” written by Marva Riley Registered Nurse
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Marva Riley, RN
Health Advocate