Gowing up…back in the days, as they say, the only Watermelon that was available was seeded Watermelon.  We ate the juicy, sweet delicious, and most flavorful fruit as we spat out the seeds.  Unlike many folks nowadays, we were never bothered by the seeds.  It was the norm to eat seeded watermelons, and seedless watermelons were non-existent.

As I immigrated to the USA,  I realized that for the most part, seedless watermelons were the norm.  Occasionally I’d find a guy selling the seeded fruits from the back of his truck, the supermarkets usually carried the seedless ones. With time, I started avoiding the seeded watermelons as I too became annoyed with the seeds.

I have been spending a lot of time in the country parts of Georgia where seeded watermelons are often sold from the back of the truck by local men.  Excitedly, I started buying the seeded version again.  Curiuosity led me to do a bit of research to see what the health benefits of the seeds are.  Here are a few nutritional benefits that I came accross online:

Watermelon Seeds Nutrients and health benefits per multiple researchers:

*Rich in Magnesium & potassium

*Rich in Zinc & phosphorus

*Rich in Iron, folate & calcium

* Rich in healthy fats & protein

Research also suggests that watermelon seeds are good for the skin and hair. Its Magnesium is beneficial to heart health. Zinc can help to boost the immune system.  Iron can help to boosts our energy level.

Watermelon seeds can be dried & roasted, added to nuts, and eaten as a healthy, low-calorie snack with lots of fiber.

This is how I eat watermelon seeds:

  • Add them to my smoothie, grind, and liquefy with fruits
  • Eat them raw as I eat the watermelon.  Chew them up and swallow
  • Add seeds to my salad
  • Roasting them brings out the flavor really well.  Mix roasted seeds with nuts for a delicious, healthy low-calorie snack
  • Dry them, roast, grind, add to smoothies.

So, the next time you see the man on the side of the road selling that seeded watermelon, consider supporting him while choosing to buy the healthier version of this delicious fruit.

It is summer now. Perfect time to eat watermelon as it hydrates and refreshes you with its sweet and delightful flavor, providing vitamins, minerals and plenty of antioxidants to help keep you healthy and strong.

By the way, All parts of the Watermelon are edible and nutritious, including the rind. 


Marva Riley, RN. Author