Too little attention is given to our mental health.
Many of us spend the best part of our lives hustling from one job to another. At the grind working to pay the bills, raise the children, then before we know it, we’re old and depressed. I see this among my friends and family and it hurts my heart to see the mental turmoil that some experience as they draw near to retirement.

It is so important to identify the things that we love & enjoy doing and do them. Do them regularly & have fun.

I love to dance, I love outdoor living. Any body of water like the beach or the river calls my name. Gardening makes my heart glad. I enjoy helping people, encouraging them. These things give me joy & purpose.

Are you experiencing the blues? Do you feel purposeless & useless? Here is my suggestion to you: find something that you enjoy doing and do it.
This could be writing books, gardening, learning a new skill like playing the guitar. Whatever you like to do, identify that passion & do it.

Mental Health is just as important as physical health. Take care of your mental & emotional health.

Marva Riley, RN. Author