It is Summer, my favorite time of the year.

With the warmer weather comes the risk of dehydration and underhydration.

It’s very vital to drink adequate amount of water in order to prevent the many Health risks related to Dehydration & Underhydration.

Possible Symptoms of Dehydration or Inadequate hydration include:

*Dizziness & lightheadedness

*Low energy

*Low or High blood pressure

*Irregular heart beat

*Trouble breathing


*Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

*Dry aged skin

*Muscle pain & stiffness

*Blood clots

*Premature aging

Tips to help you to get that water in:

*Plan ahead

*Have water on you at all times

*Sip on water throughout the day

*Decide on the amount of water you want to drink for the day. Quantify it.

*Fruits like watermelon have lots of water and electrolytes

*Add your favorite fruits + veggies like cucumber to your water for flavor & taste

*Avoid sodas, juices & artificially sweetened drinks. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Avoid coffee

*Smoothies & veggie juices are good options

*Start drinking your water as soon as you awaken.

*Stop drinking early enough so that you’re not up at night running to the bathroom to urinate.

*Remind your loved ones to hydrate

*The elderly & small children are particularly vulnerable to Dehydration & Underhydration. Pay close attention to them.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Marva Riley, RN