We all have a story to tell.

Sit down with my dear mom and she’ll tell you an earful of stories. Stories of much suffering and many triumphs. Of pain so bitter and hard to swallow. Of love and heart breaks.

Many tales of sleepless nights not knowing where breakfast will come from to feed her children the next day or Money to pay the doctor to treat their sore foot.

Sit long enough and you too will get angry and tearful, wanting to go find some people and do them wrong.

There will also be stories of triumph and overcoming. Of laughter and joy. Of God’s goodness, mercies and provisions.

Such will be the tales of an old woman who’s lived and loved. Who’s loved and lost. Who gave birth to 10 strapping children, whom for all intents and purposes have survived and thrived themselves…despite the setbacks and pains they too experienced.

Today, I’d like to honor my mom who’s celebrating her 84th birthday.

Mama Carmen McIntosh Smith (Mama, Ms Carmen, Ms Mc, auntie Carmen as she’s called) can be described as Resilient, Strong, Survivor, Joyful, Kind, Friendly, Feisty yet Soft Hearted.

Mom is the woman I aspire to be.

At the age of 84/85 (she says 84 but her siblings insist on 85) is Healthy in body, mind and spirit. 💯She climbs stairs better than a teenager taking 2 steps at a time.

She loves to walk and is very sharp in her mind never forgetting anything. Mom’s only complaint is what she describes as “a touch of blood pressure”.

Our Queen, our example, we honor you today as the Royalty that you are.

With Love 🌹🌹:

Claudett Solomon

Yvonne Holness Virtue

Marva Riley

Everton Smith

Caroline Plummer

Rohan Smith

Karl Smith

Desroy Smith

Judith Honeygan

Brian Smith

And a host of grand and great grandchildren including Rushelle McFarlane, Josh McFarlane,  SashaGay Solomon, Kadine Plummer (kindly forgive me if I forgot to name you personally 🙏)

Auntie Marion Brooks

Uncle Clive McIntosh

Aunt Sheryl McIntosh

And all her siblings and in-laws.

Nuff love and thanks for being your beautiful self ❤️


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