My name is Marva Riley, a Registered Nurse and author of the book Eat Sleep Meditate a Nurse’s Guide to Health.

I advocate for a Holistic Lifestyle, which includes moderate exercise, adequate sleep, rest and relaxation. Plenty of water and sunshine, meditation and prayer, plus  eating well, with a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains and roots, and minimizing meat and flesh.

A native of the Island of Jamaica in the West Indies, I immigrated to the US in 1989 with my two children and husband.

In my late thirties, I  was diagnosed with a life threatening heart disease, severe depression and insomnia, bowel diseases, crippling arthritis and severe food and environment allergies. These debilitating conditions forced me  to adopt a healthier way of living. After much research and the testimonials of thousands of people, I  ate my way to healing with a plant based diet.

Fast forward a few years, I now enjoy  a vibrant and healthy life.

From Me

Something to think about:

“All the exercise in the world without proper nutrition and healthy eating will get you nowhere.

I am convinced that people want to lose weight. They want to feel good and look their best. They want to get off those pills. They want to eat well and stop the roller coaster yo-yo dieting. They just don’t know how.

Many think it’s expensive to eat healthy. Some think it’ll take up too much of the little time they have to spare. Not true! Eating healthy can be quite easy if you do a little bit of planning and tap into your creativity.

Allow me to show you how”.

Marva Riley, RN

Author, Holistic Health Advocate 🎄